Get All Dates Between Range

April 2, 2019 • ☕️ 1 min read

You can utilize PHP carbon library which is already being shipped with Laravel

In the following example I have two dates variable, $starDate and $endDate, which are beginning of a month and End of a month respectively. First I converted both string dates to Carbon Objects to utilize carbon library methods in my code.

I am using a while loop to scroll through the dates by adding 1 day to startDate in the end of the loop, and while loop will continue to execute until it become equal to endDate, this condition is evaluated by the $startDate->lte carbon object method , lte means less than or equal,

use Carbon;

$startDate = new Carbon('2019-01-01');
$endDate = new Carbon('2019-01-31');

$dates = [];
while ($startDate->lte($endDate)){
  $dates[] = $startDate->toDateString();

That’s it, achieve with less than 10 line.